I Tried Kourtney Kardashian's Favorite "No Camel-Toe" Leggings—and I'm Officially Obsessed


Unlike the rest of us who eagerly await the latest Kardashian post on social media, the staff at Kourtney’s Kardashian’s lifestyle website, Poosh, have unprecedented access to the famous mom’s top fitness picks. So when Poosh shared that the oldest Kardashian “raves over” Spanx’s Booty Boost Active Leggings ($98; spanx.com), I immediately knew I had to try a pair for myself.

Maybe it’s just an excuse to keep building my workout wardrobe, but I always feel way more confident in the gym when I’m wearing a cute matching set instead of an old t-shirt. Conquering another set of burpees just feels a lot more feasible, too. So if these leggings made a Kardashian feel good in the gym, I could only imagine the boost to my own self esteem.

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While some people associate the Spanx name exclusively with shapewear, the brand’s selection actually includes many other clothing types, including activewear, swimwear, denim, and more. These leggings are specifically designed to be functional as workout apparel, and even though Spanx’s patented technology is still used in the fabric, these felt more similar to compression leggings than a pair of stomach-cinching briefs. They’re designed to smooth and support your body—just like most people would expect from any pair of high-quality leggings—and I’m happy to report that they did just that.

That being said, my first impression of Spanx leggings was that they looked small. I seriously questioned if I would be able to successfully shimmy a size large, my usual size, over my booty. Spoiler Alert: I did!!! But I kept religiously checking in the mirror to ensure they still passed the squat test. I personally think it’s worth sizing up (and I promise you won’t lose the body-hugging fit).

Despite fitting like a second skin, I can’t emphasize enough how comfortable these leggings were. They’re made with Spanx’s signature Slim-X performance fabric, which is a lightweight combination of nylon and lycra, and the result is leggings that are both super breathable and sweat-wicking. After trying them on, I immediately knew I had to put them to the test at a cycling class at my local gym—which tends to quickly get humid, overheated, and packed with bodies.

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I couldn’t believe how much I adored wearing these leggings throughout the 45-minute spin class. As I guessed, the lightweight fabric kept me cool throughout (even as the mirror in the tiny studio fogged from sweat), and I also discovered the double-layer waistband stayed in place the whole time—a welcome reprieve from pulling up my leggings every couple of songs. Not to mention, the supportive waistband hit right above my belly button in a flattering fit, which meant I even felt comfortable taking my shirt off mid-class.

As if I needed yet another reason to be in love with these leggings, the modern design ditches the center seam. So you can officially say goodbye to camel toe—and hello to lots and lots of squats. Plus, the inclusive sizing caters to sizes XS to 3X.

kourtney-kardashian-spanx-leggings kourtney-kardashian spanx-leggings workout gear woman health fitness kourtney-kardashian-spanx-leggings kourtney-kardashian spanx-leggings workout gear woman health fitness , $98; spanx.com

I also tried the Spanx Booty Boost Active Cropped Leggings ($88; spanx.com), which I found to be a bit more weather-appropriate for a sweaty NYC summer: They’re exactly like the O.G. Spanx Booty Boost Active leggings, but cropped mid-calf to expose a bit more skin. I immediately knew they were destined for a popular Zumba class with one of my favorite NYC instructors, Ebonny Fowler. The weekly class is always packed, and the basement studio struggles to efficiently circulate air.

Unlike spin, the class included plenty of jumping, squatting, and booty shaking. Even though the leggings were taking on a brand new set of moves, they continued to stand up to the test. I felt just as supported, comfy, and cool. The two leggings were essentially interchangeable to me, so I’d say the cropped option is totally based on your personal preference. Bonus: There’s even a pair of Spanx Booty Boost Active Leggings in a 7/8 crop ($98; spanx.com).

Even better? You can snag a pair of Booty Boost leggings for 50% off right now in the Spanx Flash sale. The sale only applies to select styles, including this colorblocked style and gray cropped pick, and lasts until midnight tonight PST.

Considering how much time the Kardashian clan spends in the gym, it’s no wonder Kourt discovered such a spectacular pair of leggings. While wearing these Spanx leggings to the gym definitely didn’t turn me into an insta-famous sister with a six-pack, they did make my workout classes way more comfortable—what more could you want?

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