4 Tasty Recipes That Use Mushrooms


Whether you think of mushrooms as a substitute for a juicy burger or the perfect side dish for your favorite meals, they do offer some great health benefits.

Portobello’s have as many antioxidants as red peppers or carrots and white button mushrooms may bolster immune health. That’s not to mention the potassium, folate, copper, and selenium you can find in mushrooms! (Check the label for details; the nutrients can vary depending on the type.)

The ancient Egyptians believed mushrooms were the plant of immortality. Well they can't make you live forever, but they sure taste great.

Whip up one of these four delicious recipes and enjoy both the great taste and great nutrition mushrooms have to offer!

Asparagus-and-Mushroom Frittata

asparagus-mushroom-hl-1713086-l-400x400.jpg asparagus-mushroom-hl-1713086-l-400×400.jpg

Chinese BBQ Pork With Shiitake and Bok Choy

chinese-bbq-pork-400x400.jpg chinese-bbq-pork-400×400.jpg

Skillet Veggie Tacos

veggie-tacos-400x400.jpg veggie-tacos-400×400.jpg

‘Shroom Beef Burger

shrooms-400x400.jpg shrooms-400×400.jpg

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