Eat These Three Things to Live Longer


1. Broccoli
Johns Hopkins researchers found that a broccoli compound, applied to the skin, helps cells fight UV radiation. You cant buy such a product yet, but experts say it cant hurt to eat more broccoli. Why? Another one of its chemicals seems to boost the immune system.

2. Grapes
This fruit has lots of resveratrol, a plant chemical that Spanish researchers found can lengthen the lives of flies and yeast. Will it work for you? Its too soon to know, but red grapes (plus berries, peanuts, and a little red wine) are the best sources of this promising ingredient.

3. Salad
Vitamin K—found in lettuce and spinach—seems to boost skin elasticity in patients with a rare disorder that leads to severe wrinkling. Some researchers think the effect may be universal. Plus, leafy greens help you get more fiber and keep your appetite in check.