These Are the 3 Words Actress Molly Sims Uses to Practice Gratitude and Stay Positive


Model and actress Molly Sims is focusing on the positive, even during challenging times. The former Las Vegas star, 46, believes that by reframing her thoughts, she can remind herself of the good things in her life and all she has to be grateful for.

"My mantra is ‘I get to’ instead of ‘I have to,'" Sims tells Health. "It’s a mental positive shift; it’s about being grateful. It’s literally just a little trick that I taught myself when I’m frustrated."

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Sims explains that she uses it throughout her day to make chores and tasks easier. When she has to teach her child, cook dinner for her family, or go to work, she reminds herself how lucky she is to be doing those activities.

"When I have to go to meetings and I’m like, ‘Why do I have to take that meeting?’ I’m think, ‘I get to take that meeting, I get people to hear me out, I get to have a voice, I get to have an opinion," she says.

Sims first learned this mantra while she was writing a book, and she started thinking about how she could remind herself to be grateful in her day-to-day life. She made a list of things she's lucky enough to get to do rather than has to do, which changes her mood and outlook.

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"I use this mantra when I’m feeling overwhelmed, when I’m feeling that I don’t have a lot of patience," she says. "I really use this mantra a lot throughout my day, throughout my weeks. It’s been a couple of years now and i,t’s made a huge difference in my life."

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