Top 3 Problems Your Doctor May Miss


The average doctors appointment lasts a paltry 10 minutes, a visit so brief its easy for your doc to forget to do some important checking.

Here are three health issues that medical experts say should never be skipped or ignored.

#1 Earwax:
Sometimes the gooey stuff gets impacted, which can lead to pain or hearing loss. When your doc routinely checks your ears, ask about earwax. And remember: Sticking a swab in your ear often causes impaction.

#2 Moles:
Any mole should be looked at during an annual checkup, because its crucial to catch skin cancer early. Make sure you and your doc are paying attention, and see a derm for a complete exam if you have concerns.

#3 Oral Cancer:
human papillomavirus, the leading cause of cervical cancer, is responsible for about 25% of oral cancer cases. (Blame oral sex.) Ask your dentist for a five-minute oral cancer screening at each checkup.