The Feel-Better iPhone


The stylish gadget that seems to do it all cant cure disease—yet—but a slew of health applications add to the phones allure.

Here are three we love (all available at Apples iTunes store):

White Noise
Choose from 36 sounds— like crashing waves, falling rain, or even a purring cat—to help you turn off your brain, fall asleep faster, and get the rest you desperately need. (99 cents;

My Life Record
First your doc sends your full medical chart—including lab reports and X-rays, if applicable—to the company server by fax or computer. Then you access the records on your phone. ($49.99;

Fertility Friends Menstrual Calendar
Just enter the date of your last period and the typical length of your cycle, and itll help you figure out the right time to make a baby or plan a period-free romantic getaway. (free;