On the Job: Your Desk-Drawer Survival Kit


For those office emergencies—including sudden hunger, headache, or a lunch with onions.

Wet wipes
There are 400 times more bacteria on a desktop than a toilet seat (and to think this is where you eat). Swab daily.

Breath freshener
Spare your co-workers (and yourself) from postlunch fumes with a good brush-up or a piece of sugar-free whitening gum.

Hand lotion and lip balm
Keep office-dry skin and lips smooth and hydrated with a daily dose of balm and lotion. All the better if they have an SPF of 15-plus to protect you on lunchtime walks.

Nail file and clippers
Trust us, just when you think its safe to make that big presentation, youll chip a nail.

Emergency meds
Keep an over-the-counter painkiller on hand for the inevitable cramps or headache. While youre at it, stash throat lozenges and saline nasal spray so youre prepared for dry office air and winter cold season. And why not keep a multivitamin here, too? You might just remember to take it.

A midday brush will keep you looking polished and relieve stress. Bend over, and give your scalp an invigorating massage.

Healthy snacks
Protein bars and almonds can keep you away from the vending machine.

Bottled water
Fatigue can be a sign of simple dehydration. Reach for your H2O when you need an energy boost.