No More Tired Mornings


From Health magazine
Ever feel like climbing out of bed is the most exhausting thing you do all day? Morning sluggishness is epidemic—and caffeine may seem like the only cure. But, maybe not. Hiding under your comforter is a morning person bursting with energy, says Mary Ann Bauman, MD, author of Fight Fatigue: Six Simple Steps to Maximize Your Energy. Wake her up with this a.m. makeover.

Step away from the snooze button
Any sleep you sneak in after that initial alarm wont be truly restorative. So instead of hitting snooze for 20 minutes after it goes off, set your clock for the time you really have to get up.

Lose the kinks
Back muscles often stiffen while we sleep. Solution: Flood those muscles with oxygen, a key ingredient your cells need to create energy. Sit up in bed or stand with your legs several inches apart, right hand on your waist. Reach overhead with your left arm and stretch as far to the right as you can. Repeat on the other side.

Treat yourself
Set aside 10 minutes for an a.m. indulgence—enjoy a few pages of the novel youre reading or try a refreshing facial mask—and youll have a good reason to throw back the covers. Not to mention that the happier you feel, the more energy you have.

Chase your caffeine
Coffee may give you a buzz, but your body really needs hydration to get going after a full nights sleep sans liquids. Because coffees a diuretic, it wont deliver what your body craves as well as an eight-ounce glass of water will.

Play reveille
“Pick any song that really revs you up, and play it every morning, so it becomes your reveille song,” Bauman says. (A tried-and-true tune? “Lets Go Crazy” by Prince.) Listening to music releases brain chemicals that increase a sense of well-being—and boogying along boosts adrenaline.

Cool down
After a few minutes under a warm shower, run cool or even cold water for a minute or two. This will kick-start even the most stagnant circulations. “People are often resistant to doing this,” Bauman says. “But try it! It can be so refreshing.”