Influencer Alex Jenny Poses in Bikini to Remind You That 'Trans Girls With Bulges Belong at the Beach'


Trans activist and social worker Alex Jenny shared a body positive message about wearing a swimsuit at the beach (or anywhere) as a trans person. "Trans girls with bulges belong at the beach," was written across a photo of Jenny posing in a bikini, which she posted to Instagram on June 18.

In the caption, she defended trans individuals' right to wear a bathing suit without being gawked at or otherwise judged, and she recounted her beach experience and the strong emotions that came over her in the moment.

Alex-Jenny-Beach-Post Alex-Jenny-Beach-Post

"This was my first time at a beach since medically transitioning and I was overthinking it the whole time," Jenny wrote. "whether or not I should have tucked more, whether people clocked me or cared, forgetting I had make up on since I've never worn make up to the beach before and wiping my sweat carelessly, wishing I could be topless and untucked, knowing that for many trans people going to the beach is still a terrifying thought."

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Jenny stressed the importance of having a support system, thanking her own for helping her navigate the beach. "So grateful I was with my chosen family who made me feel safe and supported but I still wish I could have just existed without second guessing everything." She also emphasized how crucial it is to be forgiving of yourself, writing, "still working on being gentle with myself."

She ended the post by celebrating her transition-and reminding people that the bodies of others shouldn't be anyone's concern during a beach day. "So yeah, if y'all clock trans people at the beach mind your fucking business and let us live! can't wait to continue soaking up the sun with my chicago fam. tits and bulges out, tucked or not, it should be our choice to make without fear!"

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