How We Chose Our Top Airport Winners


Healths editors reviewed data on all major U.S. airports from government reports; the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (a non-profit organization of doctors and laypeople that promotes vegetarian diets and animal rights); the rating agencies JD Power, Skytrax, and Flightstats; the trade group Airports Council International; and the airports themselves.

The data covered food choices, bathroom cleanliness, environmental friendliness, safety measures like the presence of advanced X-ray technology, runway accidents, delays, construction, stress reducers like artwork and spa services, creature comforts like on-site fitness facilities and childrens play areas, and overall consumer satisfaction.

A simple point system (1 for a positive attribute and –1 for a negative trait) then yielded a list of the top 15 airports. Finally, our expert panel analyzed these picks to help us select and rank the top 10.

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