How to Get More Intuitive


IstockphotoFrom Health magazine

Gut check! Everyone gets a feeling when a situation feels right—or really wrong. Its our intuition talking, but many of us ignore it. Laura Day, author of Practical Intuition, shows you how to hone your sixth sense and let it lead you to a more rewarding life.

Listen to that nagging feeling
Whenever you start to fret about something, like a relationship or financial matter, pay attention, Day advises. That hunch may pay off: “Out of the blue, I started to worry about the stock market a few years ago, and I sold everything,” Day says. “I avoided a financial crisis.”

Tune in to your senses
Intuition is actually an extension of your senses—so paying attention to the things you smell, hear, taste, touch, and see throughout the day can sharpen your intuitive skills. Youll pick up info that could feed your intuition and lead you in new directions.

Do a reality check
Not every thought that pops up is worth following. Think about what else could be at play, Day suggests. Maybe youre feeling down on your new job just because you skipped breakfast and your blood sugar is low. Also, ask yourself if you are reacting to a phobia, rather than your intuition.

Pick up the connection
If your past suddenly comes to mind, it may be a hint about what would make you happy in the future. Say you flashed back to happily playing the violin in school. Your subconscious could be telling you to play again. Not sure why you thought of something? Jot it down and reflect on it. Take action if it feels right.