Energy Booster: Stop the Stress


Life is full of stresses. Take time each day to find your inner zen and forget your troubles.

We know that: Overworking your mind can leave you just as frazzled and tired as overworking your body can, says Jon Gordon, author of The 10-Minute Energy Solution.

But did you know: Making time to take care of the inner you will give you energy-boosting benefits. Even a mere 10 minutes of down time will help recharge you, Gordon explains. Dont think of it as doing nothing, as many multitasking women are apt to believe. Sitting in silence, praying, meditating, connecting with nature—all of these are powerful ways to tap into an incredible source of energy. Just turn off and tune out the noise. If you have an office, shut the door. Before you dash out of your car and into work, pause for a moment to collect your thoughts. Sit in the park. “The point is to quiet yourself and … connect,” Gordon says. “Thats where all the potential is.”

Instant-energy blast: Try an attitude adjustment. Look for solutions or positive outcomes in not-so-positive situations. “Every negative thought drains your energy,” explains Gordon, who believes that feeling thankful can be practiced and learned. “When you change your thinking, you change your energy and your reality.” To shift your mind-set, try to spend a few minutes each day feeling grateful for all the good things in your life. Instead of comparing yourself with people who are more fortunate, compare yourself with those who are less fortunate, Gordon says. For instance, the next time you find yourself thinking wistfully of your friend with the bigger house, the better car, or the fancier clothes, consider those people whove been displaced from New Orleans and be grateful for the roof over your head. This kind of change will help you cultivate a greater sense of satisfaction.