Embarrassing Questions: Why Do I Crave Chocolate Like Crazy Right Before My Period?


From Dr. Raj's new book, What the Yuck?!

Q: Why do I crave chocolate like crazy right before my period?

A: Honestly? We have no clue. (We don't know why many PMS symptoms happen!) Lots of theories exist, and the best ones point to hormones. The good news is we do know how to keep these cravings from ruling your life. Though your body may be crying out for a bite (or three!) from a chocolate bar, you're better off resisting the sweet stuff.

Too many sugary treats cause your blood sugar to spike, then plummet. As soon as it crashes, you'll be reaching for another sweet. This cycle can lead to both low energy and weight gain. Instead, choose complex carbs like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains to keep your blood sugar at a somewhat-even level all day long. That will prevent you from feeling cranky, and craving more candy.