Iskra Lawrence Reveals the Negative Thoughts That Come With Trying On a Swimsuit—And How She Gets Past Them


Model Iskra Lawrence just got real with her 4.7 million Instagram followers, speaking out about what goes through her head when she gets ready for a pool day.

Iskra Lawrence Iskra Lawrence

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The new mom overlaid quotes on her video, showing exactly what goes on in her head whenever she tries on swimwear to wear out in public. Those include questions like, "Can I wear this in public now?" and negative thoughts like, "I'm too curvy I'll look like I'm looking for attention." "They will think I'm a slut. Or maybe just a bad mother," were thoughts on her list too, along with wondering if she should just wear a "plain black suit."

According to Lawrence, who's been shown in unretouched intimates and swimwear campaigns for American Eagle's Aerie line, even she struggles with self confidence sometimes. "Self love, self confidence, and insecurities don't vanish—you just learn how to rationalize them, quiet them, and bulldoze the F over them," she wrote. "NOTHING should stop you from doing what you want to do or what you want to wear, period."

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In her Instagram video, once she gets past all of those negative questions and comments after seeing herself in the mirror, Lawrence comes up with a healthier way of thinking to overshadow any negativity: "I can wear whatever the f I want and not worry about my insecurities about what others may or probably not even think and just live my best life," she wrote.

Lawrence's followers praised her post in the comment, thanking her for openly speaking about her struggles with self confidence. One user wrote: "Go for it. who cares what people's judgements are—it says everything about them and nothing about you. I waited way too long so just do it." Another said: "ignore nasty criticism and enjoy your beautiful body and life."

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