3 Healthier Jerky Options With No Artificial Additives


Strips of dehydrated meat are having an It-girl moment, thanks to newer kinds that are free of artificial additives (a far cry from the old gas station staple). Our top protein packed picks:

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1. Field Trip Gluten Free Turkey Jerky ($8; amazon.com)

Three pals came up with the idea of making their own no-junk jerkies after sharing a bag of locally made strips on a ski lift.

2. Krave Black Cherry BBQ Pork Jerky ($20; amazon.com)

The options include a number of gourmet flavors, like black cherry barbecue pork; the strips marinate for 48 hours before baking.

krave-pork-jerky.jpg krave-pork-jerky.jpg )

The grocery chain recently switched the fish used in its salmon jerky recipe from chum to Alaskan king salmon

king-salmon-jerky.jpg king-salmon-jerky.jpg Photo: Traderjoes.com