Spring Citrus Potpourri


Getty ImagesThis DIY air freshener comes from Zem Joaquin, founder and CEO of ecofabulous.com.

3 Lemons
5 Oranges or Tangerines
Orange aromatherapy (fragrance) oil
Orange Cedar chips, Natural Angel Wings, Albezzia leaves, Birch cones and orange Star Flowers

1. Slice fruit into thin slices.

2. To dry out the fruit, use a food dehydrator or place slices on a wax paper-lined baking pan and place it in the oven on very low heat until it is light brown and has almost no odor.

3. Place dried fruit and botanicals into two glasses or reused plastic containers with tops. Add 5-10 drops of orange essence.

4. Put the top snugly on the container and place it in a dark area for two weeks; shake every few days.

5. When you uncover the potpourri, place it in a small cheese cloth or silk sack to use as drawer fresheners or put in a decorative bowl as an alternative to deodorizers in bathrooms and kitchen.