Skinny House: Kitchen


David TsayGo micro “My top skinny gadget is a microplane grater,” celebrity diet chef Bethenny Frankel says. “This very inexpensive, invaluable kitchen tool allows you to finely grate Parmesan like baby hair, so you can get the flavor without the fat.”

The skinny-kitchen tool kit
Youll consistently cook light with the right gear, Frankel says. Here, her must-haves.

1. An immersion hand blender, like Brevilles Cordless Immersion Blender ($99.95). “Pureed foods are high-volume, filling, and an amazing diet trick,” she says. “You can puree without making a big mess—blend right in the pot.” Her favorite pureed foods: asparagus, zucchini, broccoli, and cauliflower.

2. A microplane grater to add slivers of flavor and very few calories. Try Microplanes Zester and Grater ($12.95).

3. An ice-cream scoop, like Oxos Good Grips Trigger Scoop ($9.99). “I use a scoop to make portion-controlled muffins, cookies, and turkey burgers,” Frankel says.

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David TsayGrow a zero-calorie garden
Having fresh herbs in plain sight—and smelling their irresistible aromas—tempts you to eat healthy: Youll add amazing flavor and almost no calories, says food psychologist Marci Pelchat, PhD. Also, keeping your favorite healthy cookbooks close at hand ensures that youll whip up the good stuff.

Hunt down contraband snacks
Spot a bag of deep-fried tortilla chips or other tempting food your husband or kids snuck in? Deep-six it.