Melissa Joan Hart on How Her Outdoor Living Space Has Helped Her 'Escape' During 2020


Welcome to Oasis Spaces, a Health video series where inspiring people share an area in their home that brings them peace and positivity. Watch Melissa Joan Hart's Oasis Space tour above!

TV and movie actress Melissa Joan Hart, 44, made a radical change after COVID-19 hit: She and her family moved to a new house. “It’s been tricky to move during a pandemic, but at the same time it’s kind of a good time because we don’t have anything else on our plates,” Hart tells Health.

She's had to put her usual holiday traditions on hold during the first Christmas season in her new home because she's adamant about social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19. “I’m trying to look at it like, if I can sacrifice a little bit now, I won’t lose anybody next year. We’ll have everybody around the table next year,” says Hart, who has partnered with food company Heluva Good!

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Even though she won’t be hosting large holiday gatherings in her new house this year, her home has still brought her peace during a tumultuous year. Specifically, her patio has helped her relax. “We just moved here about a month ago, so I’ve just discovered that this is sort of my safe place for me and my family,” Hart says. “We can come out here and watch TV, we have a fireplace, [and] we have the barbecue. We have a pool too, which I’m really excited about. The kids are loving it.”

But her outdoor living space is more than a place to be with her family—it’s also a good spot to be alone. “It just gives me a few minutes to reboot and rethink, so when I get out here, it’s kind of special.”

Watch Hart's full Oasis Spaces tour above.

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