Brain Freeze Explained, Movies That Make You Fat, and Palin's Challenge to Obama

  • Brain freeze, earwax, goose bumps, hiccups…here's the scoop on 12 fascinating health mysteries, plus what you can do when they happen to you. [Real Simple]
  • Here's a race we'd definitely campaign for: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin says she can beat President Barack Obama in a long-distance run in her home state. Obama says he's "95% cured" of his smoking habit, but Palin has a leg up: She's already completed a sub-four-hour marathon. One thing's for sure: We betcha can see Russia from the finish line… [Runner's World]
  • Talk about 3-D ultrasounds: A Brazilian designer has found a way to create life-size models of unborn fetuses. Experts say such models could help expectant parents bond with their baby or adjust to abnormalities. We can't decide: Cute…or creepy? [Good Morning America]
  • Watching your waistline? You might also want to keep an eye on your upcoming Netflix picks: Research shows that sad movies make people eat more than happy ones. [Real Age]
  • "Report: 90% of Waking Hours Spent Staring at Glowing Rectangles." We recently saw this headline in The Onion and laughed—then became a little horrified at how true it really is. Sometimes we feel like our job (not to mention our must-see TV schedule and our online "social life") is keeping us from enjoying the great outdoors. Luckily, these tips on avoiding "nature-deficit disorder" should help us reconnect. [Care 2]