Try These 3 Recipes for National Raisin Day


Happy National Raisin Day! These tiny snacks are more than just dried up grapes, they're packed with a ton of health benefits.

Low in sodium and high in potassium, raisins may help lower blood pressure. Not a fan of dark raisins? Golden raisins are a bit sweeter and the fiber helps regulate the digestive tract to beat bloat.

Pop a few raisins solo for a filling snack or toss them in one of these recipes.

Lightened Waldorf Salad

waldorf-salad-ck-1662930-x.jpg waldorf-salad-ck-1662930-x.jpg

Blackened Salmon with Broccoli Rabe and Raisins

blackened-salmon-hl-1966754-x.jpg blackened-salmon-hl-1966754-x.jpg

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