Pucker Up With This Key Lime Margarita Recipe



Liven up your Thursday by sipping on one of these deliciously tart Key Lime Margaritas.

Using key limes instead of the usual variety gives this cocktail a tart kick and the optional addition of jalapeño chili sauce adds a spicy twist. Better yet, although this margarita is packed with flavor it isn’t laden with calories…in fact, it’s under 300!

If margaritas aren't your thing but you love the taste of lime, squeeze some lime juice into a cup of green tea to reap its disease-fighting benefits.

The vitamin C in citrus allows the body to absorb more of tea’s antioxidants, which means you get more of the cancer-fighting nutrients.

If you happen to have one too many of these delicious margaritas (no judgment here!) try drinking this natural hangover cure of lime, water, and sugar. Lime refreshes the liver and sugar stabilizes blood glucose, which will help fight off the grogginess you feel the day after drinking.

Key Lime Margarita
Ingredients: Key limes, agave nectar, tequila, orange liqueur, jalapeño chili sauce (optional)

Calories: 283

Try this recipe: Key Lime Margarita

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