Power Lunches: The Energy Lunch



Need to rev up for the rest of the afternoon? Oprahs fitness trainer and nutri-tion expert, Bob Greene, author of The Best Life Diet, says go with a high-fiber meal like his favorite chicken salad (about a cup-and-a-half) on whole-wheat crackers. The combination of protein and fiber will keep your energy up and your tummy satisfied. But be careful—not all chicken salads are created equal. Many are loaded with fat, “which can really weigh you down,” Greene says.

Eat this: Papaya-Mango Chicken Salad on Crispbread
Mix precooked chicken chunks with fat-free cream cheese, diced papaya, scallions (if you have them), and some prepared mango chutney. Add a dash of salt and pepper and a squeeze of lime juice, then spread the mixture onto crispbread (such as Wasa).

Drink this: A fruity spritzer
Make your own cranberry-apple spritzer the night before. Using equal parts, make a mix of 100 percent cranberry juice, unfiltered apple juice (higher in energy-building antioxidants than the clear stuff), and plain sparkling water.