3 Recipes for Lima Bean Respect Day


Couldn't we all use a little more respect? That's probably true for food too, so on this Lima Bean Respect Day (yes, there's a day for a legume), we offer 3 tasty recipes.

Now we'll be honest, lima beans (like that other tasty veggie, Brussel sprouts) may conjure up childhood memories of being forced to eat weird-looking green stuff at dinner.

But with the right preparation, lima beans are tasty and make for a great summer side dish. If that doesn’t convince you, take note that lima beans are packed with protein and fiber to keep your metabolism moving and the fat burning!

So even if you think you loathe lima beans, these freshened-up recipes will have you loving them.

Lima Bean-Quinoa Salad with Basil-Lemon Dressing

bean-salad-ck-1160577-400x400.jpg bean-salad-ck-1160577-400×400.jpg

Two-Bean Greek Salad

two-bean-greek-salad-2011068-x.jpg two-bean-greek-salad-2011068-x.jpg

Succotash Salad

grilled-chicken-summer-succotash-400x400.jpg grilled-chicken-summer-succotash-400×400.jpg

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