Meatless Monday Recipe: Thai Tofu and Spicy Asian Noodles


Break out the wok for this vegetarian stir-fry dish. Not all Asian dishes have to be loaded with sodium; our homemade version allows you to vary additives, flavorings, and portion sizes, making for a stir-fry that is way healthier than take-out.

This recipe, Thai Tofu and Spicy Asian Noodles, takes less than 20 minutes to make and combines fiber-rich sugar snap peas, low-sodium tamari sauce or low-sodium soy sauce, hot spices, linguine, and peanut butter. Use reduced-fat peanut butter for a lower-fat alternative. The stir-fry also features tofu, a soy-based meat alternative, that's rich in filling protein

To make the meal more well-rounded and colorful, add in diced vitamin-A packed carrots or red peppers.

Try this recipe: Thai Tofu and Spicy Asian Noodles Recipe

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