11-Year-Old Runs 32 Miles, Dieting Mistakes to Avoid, and Why You Should Love Your Love Handles

  • Excess fat on your hips and butt may not seem like a good thing, but according to a recent study, there’s reason to adore those love handles! That muffin top may actually protect you from some diseases! [GirlGetStrong]
  • Looks like Hula-hoop fitness is really catching on: A New York exercise instructor is taking the trend to the next level with a Pilates-based routine she’s calling Hoopilates. [NY Daily News]
  • Grilling is a fun and healthy way to whip up all your summer favorites, and we’re tired of it being considered a man’s game. Check out these five grilling tips and add some sizzle to your summer fare. [FNCiMag]
  • Our first-time triathlete kicked the New York City triathlon’s butt last month. But this 11-year-old is trying to one-up her: She competes every year in a charity fund-raising run-a-thon. This year, during the 10-hour event, she ran an astounding 32 miles. Her goal for next year? 34! [New York Times]

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