Immunity Boosters: Chicken Soup and Other Healing Foods


A team headed by lung specialist Stephen Rennard at the Nebraska Medical Center found that in a test tube chicken soup suppressed inflammation, which causes many cold symptoms. But chicken soup isnt the only food that might help heal you from the inside out. Heres a daily menu based on experts recommendations.


Mid-morning snack

  • Yogurt. It can help you maintain a healthy immune system, as long as it contains beneficial bacteria. One cup of yogurt with live active cultures or a glass of kefir a day provides all you need.


  • Chicken soup. The Nebraska researchers used a traditional recipe they called “Grandmas Soup,” which had veggies like onions, parsnips, and carrots, along with chicken. But most of the commercial varieties they tested reduced inflammation, too. For even more protection, add a clove or two of garlic.
  • Anise-seed cookie. Anise seeds, with their licorice-like flavor, have been found to help break up congestion.


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