Frozen S'Mores? There's a New Sweet Treat in Town


You’ve probably heard of the cronut, a croissant and doughnut hybrid created by Chef Dominique Ansel. The pastry launched in May, and since then it’s been discussed by practically every news source, website, and blog. Although the cronut craze is still going strong, like every trend (or pastry), it can get stale. Cue the frozen s’more, Chef Ansel’s latest creation.

So what exactly is a frozen s’more? The dessert has a vanilla ice cream core surrounded by layers of chocolate wafer and a combination of homemade marshmallow and dondurma, a stretchy Turkish ice cream. The cold and gooey glob is then torched for a fresh-from-the campfire bronzing. Yum!

However as your go-to source for health and fitness information, we can’t help but think of all of the calories, fat, and sugar that go into one of these bad boys. Yes, we know: Buzzkill.

So that’s why we’ve created our own version of a frozen s’more–it's tasty, but has only 69 calories.

smore-69-calories-400x400.jpg smore-69-calories-400×400.jpg brand. Dip one marshmallow in melted chocolate and cover completely. Then roll chocolate covered marshmallow in a crumbled graham cracker square. Freeze for 20 minutes and then enjoy immediately.

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