Foodie Friday: Tribe Origins Hummus


Ever since I became a vegetarian, I've turned into a bit of a hummus connoisseur. I've tried the chunky, smooth, savory, and sweet kinds, and I'm a tough critic. But one bite of Tribe Origins all-natural hummus captured the best of Mediterranean flavor.

The product: Tribe Origins Hummus ($3.99-$4.49 per 11-ounce containers; available at grocery stores nationwide)

The taste factor: Already a big name in hummus, Tribe has really outdone itself with this new creamy style of hummus. They come in four delicious flavors-Classic, Spicy Red Pepper, Tomato & Veggie, and Zesty Spice & Garlic-for every type of taste bud.

It's made with all-natural ingredients. You can savor the mild chickpeas, plus nutty tahini, a variety of spices, and even a few veggies. It spreads smoothly and tastes great on chips, veggies, and pita bread.

The health factor: Two tablespoons of this spread will set you back only 70 calories. Plus chickpeas are naturally rich in fiber and protein, so you get a few grams in each serving. And even though it tastes rich, there's 6 grams of fat or less in each serving, with only .5 grams of saturated fat.

Editors' pick: Spicy Red Pepper. I've been known to add a little salsa to my hummus wraps, and this variety packs the perfect amount of heat. I like dipping it with crunchy veggies-like cucumbers and celery-for a low-cal snack.

Why we love it: Tribe combines natural ingredients to make a healthy, savory spread for only 70 calories. Who can argue with that?