Foodie Friday: Sunny Hemp Granola Bars


A sweet snack bar gives you a little afternoon pick-me-up, plus a boost of heart-healthy nutrients.

The product: Nature's Path Sunny Hemp Granola Bars ($4.29 per box of 6; available at Nature's Path and select grocery stores nationwide)

The taste factor: Sweet. This soft granola bar is a mixture of rolled oats, raisins, seeds, and cane juice to give it a dessert-like flavor. The raisins make a nice addition, and sunflower seeds add a slightly nutty taste.

The health factor: This portable snack is USDA–certified organic and has 12 grams of whole grains. Plus, the 140-calorie bar packs in 3 grams of fiber and protein, and a healthy dose of flaxseeds, which are an excellent source of hearty-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. It does contain 11 grams of sugar per bar, so use it as an after-dinner snack instead of dessert.

Why we love it: If you don't like fish, omega-3s can be tough to sneak into your diet. These bars offer a sweet treat, as well as heart-protecting benefits.