Foodie Friday: Somersaults


Add a little crunch to your day by munching on a few Somersault bites. The symmetrically round nuggets are packed with protein-rich sunflower seeds that will have your taste buds doing somersaults the rest of your day.

The product: Somersault snacks($1.99 for a 2-ounce package; $3.99 for a 6-ounce package; available online and at Whole Foods)

The taste factor: These uber-crunchy morsels have a toasted flavor that comes from all-natural baked ingredients and crisped whole grains. Parcels of sunflower and sesames seeds help add a slightly smoky flavor. Somersaults are available in four flavors—S.S. Sea Salt, Santa Fe Salsa, Salty Pepper, and Chez Cocoa—and are lightly sprinkled with spices for a not-so-pungent taste.

The health factor: Each 2-ounce bag has two 15-nugget servings, equaling 300 calories and 6 grams of fiber per package. The snack may be nut-free, but it still has 14 grams of protein per package and half the fat of a serving of almonds. The sunflower and sesame seeds provide 15% of your daily dose of vitamin E.

Editors pick: Salty Pepper has just the right amount of kick to add a little zest to your bite.

Why we love it: The size of a Somersault makes it easy to pop one into your mouth, but it will keep you fuller, longer!