Foodie Friday: Peet's Coffee


Flavorful coffee thats good for me and doesnt harm the Earth in the process? Ill take it! Its nice to know not only where your coffee beans are coming from and how they were produced, but also how your purchase benefits the lives of the small-scale farmers growing them. Peets Uzuri coffee is sustainably grown and has an aroma that is both tastefully and emotionally satisfying to java enthusiasts.

The product: Peet's Uzuri African Blend coffee ($14 per pound; available at beginning mid-February and at select grocery stores nationwide)

The taste factor: The flowery fragrance draws you in to the rich flavors of this African blend. A mix between medium and strong, this coffee blend features a malty-sweet flavoring with hidden tones of dark berry. The coffee goes down silky smooth and can hold its own without sugar or cream.

The health factor: Coffee is a natural, plant-based beverage, but farming processes can sometimes get in the way of this "natural" product. Peets guarantees a wholesome blend that goes through sustainable farming processes. Plus, a morning cup of joe provides antioxidants that may protect against Parkinsons disease, Alzheimers, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. Although virtually calorie-free, remember that loading up on cream, sugar, and syrups may turn your coffee into an unwanted calorie fest.

Why we love it: Peets Coffee offers java from many world regions, including Central America, Africa, Arabia, and the Pacific. Each region embodies its own distinct coffee flavor and is enhanced when blended together. The Uzuri African blend is a combination of coffee beans from Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya. Uzuri means “excellent” and “beautiful” in Swahili and was named by the farmers growing the beans. We absolutely agree!