Foodie Friday: Metromint Goodberrymint


I drink water-a lot. And though it usually quenches my thirst, sometimes I need a little taste in my beverage. Metromint's newest product, Goodberrymint, solves my problem by combining fantastically fruity and minty flavors with hydrating distilled water.

The product: Metromint Goodberrymint ($1.39 to 1.69 for 16.9 oz.; available online at and at retailers nationwide starting August 15)

The taste factor: Cool, crisp, with the perfect blend of berries and mint. Unlike some flavored waters that have a fake fruit taste, this drink tastes as if someone has squeezed a little blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, and acai juice into your water. You first relish the tartness of the berries that is then followed up by a subtle hint of mint. And though it's flavored, you feel like you're getting all the hydrating benefits of water from this beverage.

The health factor: This simple drink is made from 100% real mint, mixed berries, and purified water. And though it packs plenty of flavor, it contains zero calories and no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Plus mint also has plenty of health benefits-this herb is thought to aid in digestion and maybe ward off the pounds.

Why we love it: Not only does it taste delicious, but 10% of proceeds from Goodberrymint will be donated to a nonprofit organization to feed the hungry. Now that's refreshing!