Foodie Friday: Laurel Hill Tortilla Chips


Youll never be able to eat plain tortilla chips again after you munch on Laurel Hills hearty, flavor-packed chips.

The product: Laurel Hill Tortilla Chips ($2.99 per bag; available at Whole Foods Markets)

The taste factor: Each flavor had my taste buds jumping for joy. Though the flavor combos may have you raising your eyebrow—Olive & Caper, anyone?—they each pack a distinct, but not overpowering, taste. The Sea Salt & Lime is perfect for a Mexican feast, while the Pepita & Spice has a surprisingly salty-sweet combo.

However, what I enjoyed most was the natural taste and hearty texture. Especially with the Sea Salt & Lime, you felt as if someone sprinkled lime juice on top of your chip, rather than added lime seasoning.

The health factor: Chips arent necessarily your healthiest snack option, but these have several good things on their label. The chips contain natural ingredients like stone-ground yellow corn and sunflower oil. Each serving has 140 calories, 6 grams of fat (no trans fats), and 2 grams of fiber. They are low in salt, and the Multigrain flavor even includes flaxseed and quinoa. Your only problem will be stopping at the eight-chip serving size.

Editors pick: Pepita & Spice. Ive never tasted a salty-sweet corn chip that blended the flavors so well. These are fantastic on their own, with hummus, or even with homemade pumpkin dip.

Why we love it: If you crave a salty treat, Laurel Hill Tortilla Chips will absolutely satisfy your need for a savory snack. Theres an explosion of delicious flavor in every crunchy bite!