Foodie Friday: La Tortilla Factory Handmade Tortillas


These wraps have whole grains, a soft texture, and enough spices to capture a South of the Border flavor.

The product: La Tortilla Factory tortillas ($3–$5 for a pack of 6–10 tortillas; available in grocery stores nationwide, but not currently available online)

The taste factor: Let's be honest; there's not a lot you can do to make a tortilla taste any different than the next one on the shelf. Most have a slight corn taste, light texture, and the ability to let you taste what's in your wrap, not the wrap itself. However, La Tortilla managed to go one step above that. Their handmade tortillas have a blend of corn and wheat you can actually taste, plus a slightly thicker (and perhaps richer) texture. The chipotle variety has a huge punch of spiciness with chile peppers and salt, unlike anything I've tried before.

The health factor: The whole grains symbol can be found on the back of these tortillas, providing 14 grams or more per serving. Whole grains are associated with a lower body mass index (BMI) and improved satiety—plus they have a naturally hearty taste. For 90 calories per tortilla, that's a good deal, even if they only contain 1 gram of fiber.

Editors' pick: The handmade tortillas in chipotle. This flavor-packed wrap is the perfect addition to a Mexican feast. It would be delicious with lime-marinated fish or roasted peppers and mushrooms.

Why we love it: Any product that adds to your daily dose of whole grains is OK in our book. But the fact that these tortillas have plenty of flavor and an authentic texture have us dreaming up our next taco night menu.