Foodie Friday: Kozy Shack Pudding


Avoid the ice cream truck, and swap your sundae for this naturally sweet pudding.

The product: Kozy Shack Simply Well Naturally Flavored Pudding ($3.59 for a pack of 4; at grocers nationwide)

The health factor: When youre craving something creamy and sweet, these 100-calorie cups are ideal for dessert (or an afternoon pick-me-up). Theyre also low in fat—each flavor has only 1 gram per 4-ounce cup, except for dark chocolate, which has 1.5 grams—and a good source of vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin E. Each serving has 3 grams of prebiotic fiber, the food source for probiotics, which keep our digestive systems happy and in balance.

The taste factor: Kozy Shack dreamed up five delicious flavors: two golden standards (Dark Chocolate and French Vanilla) and three exotics (Lemon Ginger, Green Tea Chai, and Pear Mangosteen). None are overwhelmingly sweet, but that only makes them more refreshing. The Dark Chocolate isnt big on cocoa flavor, but satisfies, and the French Vanilla has a wholesome sweetness. Lemon Ginger reminds us of lemon sandwich cookies, Green Chai has a mellow spice, and Pear Mangosteen is fragrant and sweet, thanks to the tropical fruit flavors.

Editors' pick: Pear Mangosteen. It's like we took a quick trip to the Caribbean!

Why we love it: The automatic portion control—and convenience—of the single serving cups is a winner. Plus, the ingredients are all natural—no preservatives or fake sweeteners in these snacks.