Foodie Friday: Ian's Animal Cookies


Are you kids begging for something sweet in their lunches? Pack a few of these delicious gluten-free cookies to give them the taste of homemade treats without too much added sugar or fat.

The product: Ian's Animal Cookies ($3.99 per box; available online and at retailers nationwide)

The taste factor: Buttery, with the slightest crunch. Though these cookies are gluten-free, they have the same authentic sweet taste of regular animal cookies. Unlike Barnum's Animal Crackers, which are softer, these bite-size treats have a slightly crispier texture with an authentic cookie taste.

The health factor: These sweet, gluten-free nibbles aren't particularly healthy (they can be served as dessert), but they are low in fat and sodium, have a reasonable amount of sugar, and contain 2 grams of fiber per serving. Plus they are preservative-free, and at 130 calories per serving, you're getting dessert guilt-free.

Why we love it: If kids are going to eat something sweet, these delicious cookies are a smart choice. Whether you have food allergies or not, we promise you'll devour this dessert.