Foodie Friday: Honest Tea Kombucha


Tea is already low-cal and rich in antioxidants. So what happens with you combine it with probiotic cultures? A refreshing treat that soothes your system.

The product: Honest Tea's Kombucha line ($3.40–$4; available at Whole Foods and other groceries)

The taste factor: Drinks that combine fruit and tea flavors aren't a new concept, but finding a drink whose fruit flavors don't overpower your taste buds is a rare find. These tangy, semi-effervescent tea drinks come in three flavors—Berry Hibiscus, Lemon Ginger, and Peach Mango—and have just the right mix of fruit flavor to tea. And the best part is that it's not too sweet and doesn't have an artificial sweetener aftertaste.

The health factor: At 35 calories and7 gramsof sugar a serving (each bottle has two servings), this drink won't do too much diet damage. Kombucha is made by fermenting black or green tea and sugar with active cultures, creating acids that may help you with digestion. These probiotics may aid in digestion and boost immunity.

Editors' pick: Peach Mango. This light, tangy drink left us 100% satisfied.

Why we love it: Not only is this drink organic and brewed with fair-trade-certified tea, but it also tastes delicious, won't wreck our diet, and may keep us healthy.