Foodie Friday: Charles Chocolates S'mores


Theres nothing quite like roasting marshmallows over a gigantic bonfire to bring back memories of summertime camping trips. Sadly, the smell of the slightly burnt sweetness and melted chocolate is difficult to replicate for urban dwellers, who dont even have a fireplace, much less somewhere to start a campfire.

Enter Chuck Siegel—his Charles Chocolates packaged smores are made with their signature, high-quality chocolate, and can be toasted to perfection in even the smallest of kitchens. Simply unwrap, pop it in the oven on the broiler setting, and watch carefully until the marshmallow turns the perfect shade of brown. It took less than a minute for us to achieve the ideal gentle outer crisp, with a gooey center and well-melted chocolate.

The product: Charles Chocolates Smores (4 for $21, or 8 for $40;

The taste factor:
Tastes like summer. In one bite, you get homemade vanilla marshmallow, rich bittersweet chocolate (so much better than the typical store-bought kind), and a cakey graham cracker.

The health factor:
Each smore has 65% bittersweet chocolate, which has all the health benefits of dark chocolate, with less sugar. This feel-good treat is hearty enough to split with a friend, so you can get your chocolate benefits without going overboard. The smores are made and shipped fresh every week, which means no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Why we love it: Who could say no to marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers? And were not alone. The smores were so popular that their typical summer run has been extended—they're now available year-round.