Foodie Friday: Cedarlane Egg White Omelettes and Burritos


Its time to come clean about your breakfast habits: Is glazed or jelly-filled your first major decision of the day? Does the drive-thru cashier know your name? Or worse—are you a breakfast skipper?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, youre in desperate need of an a.m. intervention. Why? Research has shown that healthy breakfast eaters are more likely to perform better at work, weigh less (and maintain that low weight), and consume more nutrients. The morning meal can even help prevent high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and—yes—cancer.

So whats a crazy-busy woman with no time to get out the door to do? Here, a quick, easy, and delicious solution that could just change the way you start your day.

The product: Cedarlane Natural Foods Egg White Omelettes and Burritos ($4 and $3, respectively; for stores)

The taste factor: Frying pans beware: These microwaveable breakfasts are yummy. The texture of the omelets looked a bit off-putting at first, but once we took a bite, we were sold. The burritos were tasty, and the eggs had a much more natural texture—we thought theyd be great with salsa.

The health factor: If youre already eating oatmeal with fruit and honey or whole-grain cereal with skim milk, dont shove it aside. These products are low in cholesterol, packed with all-natural ingredients, and are worthy substitutes for their highly processed frozen counterparts, doughnuts, and McBreakfasts. However, as with any prepackaged food, watch the sodium: These claim about one-third of your RDI.

Editors pick: The Green Chile, Cheese & Ranchero Sauce flavor came in first in the omelets, but wed eagerly zap the veggie-loaded Spinach & Mushroom or Uncured Turkey Bacon, Vegetable & Cheese any day.

Why we love it: Cedarlanes new morning lineup offers filling choices that are, for the most part, a good-for-you way to get your day on. Plus, their grab-‘n-go burritos are perfectly purse-size.