America's Healthiest Restaurants: How to Eat Out Without Gaining a Pound


Steer clear of menu pitfalls with these tips from our experts Hope S. Warshaw and Cheryl Forberg.

Order it your way
Youre the customer, and most restaurants will do everything they can to keep you happy. So dont be afraid to nicely ask to have that shrimp special grilled instead of fried.

Think tapas
Dont feel compelled to order an entree. You can put together a healthier meal out of two or three appetizers and side dishes.

Beware of the four Cs
Crunchy, cheesy, crispy, and creamy. Those words are code for fat-dense foods.

Say bye-bye to bread
Theres no need to test your willpower. Take just one slice, then ask the waiter to remove that breadbasket from the table.

Undress your salad
Dilute your favorite salad dressing with a squeeze of lemon or a few drops of vinegar.