What's Your Workout Personality?


Monica LindWondering why that kickboxing class just didnt work for you? Maybe it wasnt in the stars. Zodiaction: Fat-Burning Fitness Tailored to Your Personal Star Quality, by Ellen Barrett and Barrie Dolnick, says youll have better luck if you match your workouts to your sign. Any scientific basis for this? Not exactly. But if youve had a tough time finding the right regimen, this celestial fitness guide just might help.

(September 23–October 22)
You Libras want to look good, but hate grueling, marathon-length workouts.
Watch out for: Solo sessions. You need a partner or group to keep you focused.
The stars say: Stick with group-exercise classes like hip-hop dance or aerobics. Youll love the company and knowing exactly when you get to stop.

(October 23–November 21)
You love a physical challenge, with a bit of suffering thrown in.
Watch out for: Low-intensity workouts. Youll lose interest quickly.
The stars say: Aim for workouts requiring extra effort, like
ballet, long-distance running, or triathlon training.

(November 22–December 21)
Your adventurous spirit craves scenery changes and new, exciting workout goals.
Watch out for: Static, repetitive exercises. Theyll lose their luster in no time.
The stars say: Indulge your curiosity. Learn to swing dance or sign up for a long-distance bike ride.

(December 22–January 19)
For you, hard work comes easily, so youre drawn to activities that play to your perfectionism.
Watch out for: Plateaus. More than any other sign, you need to keep adjusting your fitness goals to stay motivated.
The stars say: Climb a mountain—no joke! You Goats even love the incline settings on the treadmill.

(January 20–February 18)
You need a workout that allows for creativity.
Watch out for: Structure. You hate being told what to do, so youre better off going for no-pressure plans.
The stars say: Mix things up with small bursts of cardio that are as quirky as you are, from sprinting in your neighborhood to rebounding on the trampoline.

(February 19–March 20)
Youll exercise all day if the environments pleasing.
Watch out for: Loud music and aggressive crowds. Workouts are your Me Time.
The stars say: Find your ideal workout surroundings. Swimming outdoors or walking on a treadmill with a nice view suits you perfectly.
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(March 21–April 19)
You crave numbers like “miles run” and “calories burned.”
Watch out for: Wimpy workouts. Theyre no match for your boundless energy.
The stars say: Indulge your need to roam with outdoor biking or inline skating—and dont forget your stopwatch.

(April 20–May 20)
Youre a bit of a homebody, but that Taurean vanity can get you moving.
Watch out for: Fitness boot-camps and personal training. You really cant stand being bossed around.
The stars say: Home-based DVDs suit you. Any kind of stretch-and-strengthen program like Pilates or yoga is ideal.

(May 21–June 20)
Your shifting energy means youre up for anything, but easily bored.
Watch out for: Monotonous workouts. Biking the same route every day wont hold your interest, and youll end up ditching exercise altogether.
The stars say: Head off the yawn factor with activities with built-in variety, like run-walk intervals or team sports.

(June 21–July 22)
You can be athletic, but you hate the crowds of people at the gym.
Watch out for: Intimidating workouts. Your psyche prefers a low-key approach.
The stars say: Keep it noncompetitive. Try solo runs or strolls in the park with your pooch.

(July 23–August 22)
Your great stamina makes high-energy workouts a snap. And you love trainers who will praise (even worship) you.
Watch out for: Repetition and arrogant instructors. You need the spotlight squarely on you.
The stars say: Go for workouts you can look good doing, like Pilates or salsa classes.

(August 23–September 22)
You can be compulsive about working out and get stressed when you miss a session.
Watch out for: Setting unrealistic goals. You tend to be too tough on yourself when you dont meet them.
The stars say: You hate it when other peoples schedules mess you up, so choose solo calorie-blasting cardio like biking.