7 Wedding Gifts Fit Couples Actually Want


Wedding season is upon us! And whether you're browsing another couple's registry or getting ready to walk down the aisle yourself, let's face it—nobody really needs another toaster. Instead, any active couple will be psyched to receive one of these unique gifts.

Workout-friendly wedding rings

When you wear your wedding band to the gym, you run the risk of losing it, scratching it, or—worst of all—getting it caught on something and severely injuring yourself (we do not recommend Googling exactly what can happen). If you'd rather not go ringless, there's a smart alternative: the QALO Silicone Ring, available in sizes for men ($20; amazon.com) and women ($16; amazon.com). These medical-grade silicone rings are safe to wear while working out, and if you lose yours, it's easy to replace. Besides the gym, these rings are great for traveling or swimming—no need to fret about it slipping off.

Tongue-in-cheek matching activewear

Couples that sweat together stay together, research shows. Declare undying love, CrossFit style, with the Swolemates tee ($33; amazon.com) and tank ($30; amazon.com) set.

swole-mates.jpg swole-mates.jpg ). What fitness-loving couple wouldn't love a blender that can whip up nutrient-packed smoothies and juices in seconds? The Vitamix is so powerful that it can also blend homemade peanut butter and hot soups.

vitamix-blender.jpg vitamix-blender.jpg ), which boasts many of the same features as the professional-grade model, at a price that may be more appropriate for home chefs. You can also opt for a certified refurbished model ($359; amazon.com).

vitamix-refurb.jpg vitamix-refurb.jpg ), newlyweds can easily capture every SCUBA dive, snowboard run, or rock-climbing ascent they take on their honeymoon and beyond. Get inspired by watching the video below.

A date-night DIY kit

DIY kits let you try something new together, and there's no shortage of options for couples who live the fit life. Kombucha is super-popular among yogis, and this Flavored Kombucha Brooklyn Kit ($70; williams-sonoma.com) gives you everything you need to brew three 1-gallon batches of this fermented tea drink.

kombucha-brew-kit.jpg kombucha-brew-kit.jpg )Â gives budding brewers all the equipment they need to get started, plus a mix of grains, hops, and yeast to make their first batch.

beer-kit.jpg beer-kit.jpg ), which stacks two bikes against the wall, freeing up floor space in your garage or gear closet.Â

bike-rack.jpg bike-rack.jpg ), which holds up to eight pairs of skis—including poles—or eight snowboards.

ski-snowboard-rack.jpg ski-snowboard-rack.jpg ) will help conceal clutter.

sports-storage.jpeg sports-storage.jpeg , couples can register to receive activities for their honeymoons, such as surfing lessons, hang gliding sessions, guided hikes, and much more. If you aren't sure where the couple plans to vacation, pick something in their hometown (think rock climbing, trampoline park, or tennis lessons).

hiking-river.jpg hiking-river.jpg Photo: Getty Images