Walk Off Belly Fat: Intervals


Alternating moderately paced walking with short, faster-paced intervals lets you amp up your walk without tiring yourself out. Youll also dump stomach weight more quickly and torch more calories than you would on a steady-paced walk. By peppering in a 30-minute walk with 10 one-minute speed bursts, for example, you can nearly double your calorie burn.

It worked for Virginia Cox, 42, of Belmont, Mass.
Doing 15 miles worth of interval walking a week (plus cutting down on starchy foods and sweet treats) helped Cox shed 45 pounds of baby weight in just six months. “I look and feel great because of walking,” Cox says. “Plus, I now fit into the jeans that I wore when I was in my 20s.” An unexpected bonus: Shes sleeping much better too.

Make it work for you
Warm up at an easy pace, then walk at a moderate pace for 10 minutes; increase speed for 1 min­ute, Prouty says. Do another 3 minutes at a moderate pace; repeat one or two times, then do 10 moderately-paced minutes.

As you get stronger, add more intervals, aiming to alternate 1-minute speed bursts with 1 minute of mod­erate walking.

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