A 10-Minute Workout for Totally Toned Triceps By Summer


Tank top season is right around the corner (finally!). If you're looking to tone up before you go sleeveless, this fast-acting circuit will help whip your arms into shape. It targets the triceps, that tricky and oft-neglected trouble zone in the back of the arms. Grab a set of dumbbells and a timer. Complete each move 10 times. Take 30 seconds to recover, then repeat the circuit. Crank through as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes. Do this workout 3 times a week for 4 weeks.

Yoga push-ups

jen-cohen-yoga-push-up jen-cohen-yoga-push-up

Seated overhead extensions

jen-cohen-seated-overhead-extension.JPG jen-cohen-seated-overhead-extension.JPG


jen-cohen-dips jen-cohen-dips

Skull crushers

jen-cohen-skull-cursher jen-cohen-skull-cursher .

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