This Pose Helps You Doze!


Larry BartholomewFrom Health magazine
If you're craving a good nights sleep, the Legs Up the Wall Pose will coax your mind and body into relaxation mode. The move also eases tired muscles, helps restore circulation, and encourages your breathing to become deeper and steadier. So put on some comfy clothing, turn off distractions like the TV and computer, and do this pose each night right before bed.

Do the Legs Up the Wall Pose:
Sit on a mat with one hip touching the wall. Bend your knees, and with help from your hands, turn and raise your legs up against the wall, inching your butt as close to the wall as is comfortable. Lie back and bring your arms to the floor overhead or out to the side, palms turned up. Relax while breathing deeply and evenly for 5–10 minutes. If your legs begin to feel uncomfortable, bend your knees, slide your feet down the wall, and let your knees drop open.