Thinner Thighs in 3 Weeks


Get a slimmer silhouette with Kneeling Side Circles, an easy toning move for your thighs from the Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners DVD ($14.99) by Brooke Siler, owner of re:AB Pilates in New York City. You should see results (so long, saddlebags!) in just three weeks.

  1. Start in a kneeling position, and tip your torso to the left (top right). Place your left palm or fingertips on the floor and your right hand behind your head; extend your right leg out to the side. (Place a pad under your kneecap if this causes knee pain.)
  2. Lift your right leg, and begin making small circles, gradually increasing to larger, sweeping circles (bottom right). Do 8 forward circles, and then 8 backward circles. Be sure your hip is directly over your kneeling knee and your tailbone is curled forward.
  3. Switch sides, and repeat the whole exercise, making forward and backward circles with your left leg to complete 1 repetition; do 1 rep 3 days a week.