The Best Workout for Your Personality


You're a yoga fanatic. Your sister's a runner. Your mother always said the two of you were as different as night and day, so it's no wonder your exercise choices are as well.

Wondering what workout suits you? Keep reading—matching your personality with the right get-moving routine could be the push you need to stick to a plan for good.

If you're a social butterfly, try anything with company
Round up a foursome for biweekly indoor tennis, or set a standing date with pals to Spin at the gym. If you're particularly bold, post an invitation for other women to meet for a run or walk. Or sign up for our Girls Gotta Move Running Club and search by ZIP code for women to work out with in your area. Not a runner? No worries: Our site can hook you up with walkers, cyclists, hikers—you name it.

If you're a control freak, try yoga, Pilates, or strength training
With a little practice, you can easily do these solo at home, so there's no opportunity for flat tires, pool closings, and other unexpected glitches that can spoil your good intentions.

If you're always too busy, try short, frequent bursts of activity
You may not have a block of 60 or even 30 minutes free, but anyone can carve out three 10-minute chunks a day. Take short walks. Find creative ways to add more steps (take the stairs to the restroom two floors up, opt for the deli one more block away). Or invest in at least one workout DVD that's designed to be done in short stretches.

If you're easily bored, try cross-training
Mix things up by rotating the activities you enjoy (like swimming, cycling, and running)—and stay so busy keeping your gear straight that you won't have time to get bored. Or conquer the ho-hums with a schedule that mixes indoor and outdoor workouts. Up for a challenge? Set your sights on three events each year (a cross-country ski tour with girlfriends, a fund-raising walk, and a local 5K or 10K, for instance); then you'll have some goals to work toward.

If you're super-mellow, try striking the word "workout" from your vocabulary
That word's potent enough to keep you lounging on the recliner for good. Practice not sitting instead—fly a kite, work in the garden, walk your dog, play Frisbee. Also important: Make easy-to-accomplish resolutions, such as "Tomorrow, I'll be active for 10 minutes."

If you're easily discouraged, try walking
It's something you've been practicing since you were a year old, it's cheap, and it can be done anywhere—all of which make it easy to get the I-can-do-this vibe that's key to dedication. Hedge your bets by setting specific goals (think: "walk for 20 more minutes than usual" versus simply "walk more") before you head out the door.