Take Time to Hibernate From the Holidays With Child's Pose


When the winter winds start whipping, animals know it's time to go in and hibernate. That way, when spring comes, they will be ready with new energy. Why is it that we humans have ignored this natural cycle and have made winter into the most stressful time of the year? Instead of nurturing ourselves, we jam our already busy days with shopping, travel, and too much food and alcohol.

I don't blame the holidays. We should take time to celebrate by having a glass of wine and a Christmas cookie. RSVP yes to the holiday invites that have started to stack up, but don't forget to do some rejuvenating yoga to bring balance to your busy December. I recommend Childs Pose, or Balasana. Instead of coming home exhausted after a long night and crashing into a non-restful sleep, try childs pose for two to five minutes to bring your swimming head to stillness. This will ensure a more peaceful sleep.

I also like to do Childs Pose first thing in the morning, or as a break during the workday.

Winter is when we should embrace the dark and cultivate what we would call yin, or internal energy. When you take Child's Pose, close your eyes and get quiet and literally visualize pure, strong, new energy that is out in the world, flooding into your body. See it coming into the center of you, as if you are a magnet. Envision this energy nurturing and recharging you.

So in the coming weeks, take a break from the holiday hassle and hibernate—even if it's just for a few moments.