Take a Break and Try This Office-Friendly Yoga Pose


Do you ever feel like you spend most of your day slaving away in front of a computer? Well, its taking a toll on your body—particularly on your posture. One of the biggest requests I get from students all over the country is for a quick, useful yoga posture that can be done at the office. Try this stretch instead of a coffee break the next time you have that late-afternoon sleepy feeling.

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While seated at a desk, place your hands on the surface, shoulder-distance apart with fingers spread. Keep hands in place as you push your seat back and away from the desk, lengthening your arms until they are straight. Slowly and gently relax your head and neck, lowering it between your straight arms and toward the floor. Dont push your head down; let gravity pull it down (almost like a Downward Dog, but at your desk). Hold for 5–15 long breaths, and please take your time on the way up. Repeat this pose often—you deserve a break! And share it with your office co-workers—because they deserve one, too!