Spread the Love This Valentine's Day With Bhakti Yoga


If you're feeling down about your love situation this Valentine's Day, a lesser-known yoga tradition can help.

What we humans do for love! Like hungry tigers, we go out on the hunt and eat it up in any form. Be it a romantic gesture, motherly love, or even approval from our teachers, we'll take what we can get. But even if we do get the love we want from other people, we are often left feeling empty, like it isn't enough. The problem is that we're looking for love in all the wrong places.

American's have dedicated one whole day to honor love, but in the yoga tradition, love is an entire practice. I challenge you to set aside your chocolates and your candy hearts this Valentine's Day and instead try practicing bhakti yoga. Bhakti yoga teaches us that union—a sought-after state of yoga—can exist spontaneously with a heart connection. It is through the heart that we feel connected to others on the planet, to the divine, to ourselves. Simply put, bhakti yoga happens when we stop our mental chatter and know that we are love.

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